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Shopping Centre Marketing

Enhance the beautiful shopping experience with scent.

Scent for Shopping Centres

Scent is an underutilised method of Shopping Center marketing, where by you can enhance the customer experience leading to increased patronage of your Shopping Mall property. From “Front Entrance Scenting” to “Whole of Mall Scenting” we can deliver the perfect scented solution to fit your application, customer demographic and budget.

In a shopping centre or mall, we diffuse different scents to match perfectly the different areas. The scent should be subtle and enhance the beautiful shopping experience offered by the shopping centre.

Scenting benefits

in shopping centre marketing

Pleasant environment

Consumers experience many positive feelings as a result of breathing in a pleasant aroma in your shopping mall.

Perception of quality

Scent Marketing Research has proven that consumers evaluate scented products as being of higher quality.

Increased willingness to buy

Consumers are more eager to buy and willing to pay more in a scented environment.

Ease in decision making

Scent offers the potential of more sales as scent helps customers to decide instinctively.

Memorable experience

As scent is linked with memory, customers will long remember the pleasant experience and will return.

Brand differentiation

Scent is a new and unique shopping centre marketing idea to help you to stand out from the crowd!

Start scenting your shopping centre

Undertake a unique shopping center marketing, shopping centre marketing or shopping mall marketing strategy with scent today. Request your free samples or contact us for a free consultation today.

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