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About Dr.Scent

Dr.Scent have been creating scent marketing solutions for over ten years now and providing our clients the best in fragrance creation and state-of-the-art-scent diffucers is our greatest passion.

Dr.Scent operate in more than 25 countries world wide , providing a wide variety of scent marketing based services.

Dr.Scent is the right choice for a wide range of olfactory circumstances. As well as being used to create positive brand experiences, scent marketing can be used to mask unpleasant odours. This is particularly useful for business that work with materials such as tobacco, pungent foods, and chemicals which give off an unpleasant smell. It can also be of great use to business that are situated in closed areas with great humidity, or in close proximity to waste.

“Our promise”

We’ve learned at dr.Scent that the customer will not be satisfied by words, but actions and experience...So we’ve decided that we’ll give a free 3 days trial of our services.


Building a successful business means crafting a powerful brand experience for your customers. Particularly in today’s competitive markets, it’s so important that your brand has a strong identity that speaks to consumers on an emotional level.

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful. The right scent can evoke strong memories and emotions, and if used as part of a strong brand identity can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We have been creating scent marketing solutions for over ten years now, and providing our clients the best in fragrance creation, and state-of-the-art scent diffusers is our greatest passion.

Headquartered in the Qatar, we operate in more than 25 countries worldwide, providing a wide variety of scent marketing based services. Whether it is providing a solution for the home, taken from our existing catalogue of scents and diffusers, or customising a unique scent for your business, we are dedicated to helping you create an experience that has a lasting impact.


It is important to us that we provide a solution tailor-made to your individual needs. Our specialists will consult with you, and take you from possible fragrances to the installation of your device. To ensure that you are truly satisfied with your solution, we provide trial periods of 48 hours.


Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction, and so we offer a monthly check-up and maintenance service, free of charge. This includes oil refilling, on-the-spot replacement, fragrance testing, and a one year warranty.


We can create truly unique scents to add new dimensions to your brand. Whether it is the distinct aroma of rich leather, the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked bread, or an intoxicating mix of exotic spices, we can craft any scent that you need to create a unique experience for your customers.

We are also able to create custom-made diffusers, each one utilising state-of-the- art NNO technology. This allows us to create diffusers that match the practicalities and aesthetic of your physical space.


We are proud to have helped many businesses create a more rounded brand experience for their customers. Our clients include:


Our products are the pinnacle of innovative technology and modern design. We cater to both businesses and individuals.

Scent diffusers: Coverage range from 50 CBM up to 15000 CBM Can be installed in the AC duct, standalone or on the wall.
Fragrance: International fragrance, Signature fragrance and bespoke fragrance
Electric sprayers: LCD and LED displays
Air freshener sprays: with a long run (this is a USP: the spray stay longer that the competitors) fresh fragrance with unique smell.
Drip-in for bathroom: Freshener and hygienic anti-bacterial solution
Furniture/carpet/bed freshener spray
Automotive solutions

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